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There is a strange, almost sad feeling, hanging in the air and announcing that the summer is over. It gets chilly, the days are shorter, and our energy levels start to drop. The yearly battle called “Is it too soon to turn the heating on?” begins.


For most people, autumn time is characterized by rather melancholy feelings; for many of us, it is associated with loneliness. Nature is getting ready for winter, and we feel that. We might not notice the change of the season so rapidly when it comes to our own bodies, but we are certainly affected by it.

As the liveliness of the summer time subsides, life outside suddenly becomes quieter. Our metabolism slows down, our bodies start to store more fat, and we become sleepier. We tend to go into the “I cannot be bothered” kind of mood and on most mornings, it is a battle just to get out of bed. In most cases, this feeling is nothing to be worried about – historically, there has not been much to do during winter and our bodies know it. What they don’t know is that we need to meet deadlines or attend meetings even when it is extremely cold outside.

Staying motivated during the autumn and winter times is thrice as hard. It is helpful to try to find at least one thing to look forward each day and to be grateful for every evening.

30. 11. 2016
Lenka Collins
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