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In search of meaning

As we live our lives, we try to rationalize the world around us, which is, for most of us, quite irrational. To have a purpose or to believe in something greater than ourselves, gives us hope and promises a brighter future. Without meaning, our life might feel incomplete.

When we are stuck in a routine, our life is not exactly exiting. Quite naturally, our bodies and minds will go into a “vegetative mode”; a mode in which we do not strive to live, but we rather choose to stagnate. During our lives, many of us search for a meaning outside of ourselves.

Most people live for the hope of better times that will come eventually – we postpone our lives and wait for the moment when we have more money, a partner, a job, a house etc. Meanwhile, we switch to a survival mode; a mode in which we expect material objects or other people to bring us what we strive for – meaning.

To achieve life goals and fulfilment, we need to work towards the exciting life we all want for ourselves. Realizing one´s potential and having clear goals and aims can bring a truly personal meaning into our lives. To realize them, however, is only the first step; we then have to make a conscious choice to work towards them.

We need to stop running away from situations, thinking that we will find meaning elsewhere. Without realizing it, we drag our patterns of this “self-destructive” behaviour with us everywhere we go. Stop and think –  neither the country you live in, nor the town you live in, nor the person next to you prevents you from giving your life a meaning. It is you, not realizing that your own happiness is in your own hands.

14. 11. 2016
Lenka Collins
Counsellor, Therapist, Life Coach
working with adults in Prague
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